Can we customize your set?
Take a look at our reportoire, and mark the ones you definitely want. If you’d like a special song that will make the night, let’s talk!

What are your power requirements?
Minimum requirement to rock is 2 x 13 amp power sockets. If we’re in a marquee, the contractor will normally provide a 15amp power supply.

Do you need staging?
Not essential. We fit into approximately 4m x 5m space, but can squeeze in tighter if needed. For marquees we will need a sturdy floor as matting and grass can be a bit wobbly.

Are you Insured?
We have Public Liability Insurance  up to £5 000,000. We can provide our certificate on demand.

We’ve made a great ipod playlist , can we play it?
Of course.

A friend of ours has a great voice, can she do a song with you?
No reason why not, a brief side of stage audition is a good idea.

Do you guys need a dressing room?
We’re happy to get ready in the toilets if need be.

Do you guys play abroad?
For certain. On top of our fee, we’d require flights, accommodation, internal transfer/transport in host country, hire of some kit and meals whilst there.

Do we need to hire disco lights?
No. We have a slick light show we bring to every gig.

Can we use your mics for speeches?
If we’re already set up, then by all means. It’s worth considering we use mics with cables attached, so bare in mind the distance you need covering.
It’s best to keep distance to no more than 15 meters.

How long to set up?
Our personal best is 48 minutes.

Do you obey sound limiters?
Rest assured, we don’t want to split any eardrums, but if there’s a limit, we can accommodate.